Aguis Mahasnik Biman

A classical song still called "hagiba", an example of the influence of the classic Arabic poetry in the Sudanese music.

Is it Earth or Paradise? I saw an angel wearing a body. A unique being made of light with the power of a lion and the look of a siren.

Diya Wo Ailan

A Nubian song from the North of Sudan,
performed by adolescent girls who are singing of love and suffering.

The one who makes you sad loves you more than the one who makes you smile.

Ashej Seyaro

A very popular wedding song which is originally sung by women who sing for the bridegroom, telling his virtues like nobility, courage and, of course, his material riches.

The songs are from Rasha's first CD "Sudaniyat", published in 1997.
Here is the complete CD.

1. Aguis Mahasnik Biman
2. Azara Alhai
3. Nari
4. Salib Fuadi
5. Leali
6. Diya Wo Ailan
7. Hadada
8. Ashej Seyaro
9. Sahib Almiiray
10. Aguis Mahasnik Biman

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Together with her brother Wafir she also sings on the CD
"Salamat Khartoum" by the group "Kambala".

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